As already mentioned, FE is automated. It means that it enables service providers to specify their criteria to the tiniest detail and thus save loads of time on unsuitable bids. In addition, we provide all the necessary paperwork – from background checks to liability insurance. Our real-time tracking feature will keep you updated throughout the process, so you may safely focus on your next project to come. Finally, we also take care of the payments for you.

How it Works: Service Providers

  • Create an account with Field Engineer;
  • Fund your account (credit card, bank transfers, PayPal – your choice);
  • Fill out a work order (once you do, the job will get listed immediately);
  • Receive relevant bids;
  • Evaluate them;
  • Agree the terms with the professional(s) of your choice;
  • Track job progress until its completion with ease.
How it Works: On-Demand Engineers

  1. Create an account with Field Engineer;
  2. Publish your credentials and specify your skills;
  3. Get job alerts as soon as a suitable listing turns up;
  4. Place your bid;
  5. Agree the terms;
  6. Get the job done as agreed;
  7. Get paid instantly upon job completion.

Getting the right people together is our ultimate goal. We cater to communications service providers (CSPs), hardware manufacturers, value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs) and retail chains as well as to skilled engineers. With the growing demand the industry simply cannot meet in a traditional way, going global is the only way everyone gets exactly what they want – and deserve.

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